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Wonderware SCADA Developmemt

We developed wonderware System platform 2017 SCADA at Buzwagi Gold Mine in Tanzania for mining process control and operation. We integrated the developed SCADA with the existing PLC system.


Setup and Commissioning of Wonderware servers

We visualized & commissioned wonderware servers at IAMGOLD mine in Suriname.


Aquaponics Farm

We helped model the proof of concept on the fish farm by developing HMI and installing PLC and leverage technologies such as IoT and dashboards to build creative and sustainable ways to eliminate malnutrition and deliver food sources o SA market. We installed cameras for remote visualization via web and tosibox for secure remote data logging, PLC/HMI for monitoring and control, including all necessary sensors to monitor parameters such as pH.


Advanced Process Control

Working on Advanced process control project at Buzwagi Gold Mine. the aim is to optimize high value assets such as grinding mill so as to achieve optimum operating point resulting in improved quality , throughput, energy saving and minimized downtime. the software implementation incorporate various machine learning algorithms for data mining, analyses, error correction and preventative maintenance.

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