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Services & Support


  • PLC System Designs and Implementation/Commissioning

  • PLC System Upgrades and Modifications

  • Industrial Plant Network Design and Implementation/Commissioning

  • SCADA System Design and Implementation/Commissioning

  • SCADA Conversions to Wonderware

  • Upgrade of Wonderware SCADA software

  • Supply of PLC, Electrical, Instrumentation, PC, Networking Hardware and much more ...

  • Custom Designed Training solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients

  • Instrumentation Installation and Commissioning

  • Industrial Automation Consulting - PLC, SCADA and Instrumentation

  • Panel Design and Wiring


  • Technical Support and Advice

  • Customized Training Solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients

  • Maintenance SLA agreements depending on your needs

  • Renewal of Wonderware CF support contracts


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