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Programmable Logic Controllers

We have experience in a wide range of PLC Products available on the market at the present

time and can offer the following services:

  • Design of PLC Systems and Networks,

  • Commissioning of PLC Systems and Networks,

  • Upgrading of PLC Systems and Networks,

  • Fault Finding on PLC Systems and Networks,

  • Supply of Hardware,

  • Maintenance and Technical Support Advice.

PLC Manufactures Supported:

  • Schneider Electric - Modicon and Telemeqanique,

  • Siemens - S5, S7 and TIA Portal,

  • Allan Bradley - PLC5, SLC500 and CLX,

  • GE-Fanuc - Series 90-30, RX3i and RX7i,

  • Legacy Products also,

  • and many more ...

PLC Networks Supported:

  • Modbus RS232 & 485,

  • Modbus Plus,

  • Profibus DP and PA,

  • Can Bus,

  • AS-I Bus,

  • Ethernet,

  • And many More ...

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